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USA-2 Diary, Day 3 - A new hope

Today was our first good day. We played a close match against GERMANY, winning by an IMP to get 10.3 victory points (VPs). We then got 16.73 VP against EGYPTand all 20 against GUADELOUPE(with a remarkable score of 82-0 after 15 boards although we lost 11 on the last). So we're back in it, standing 14th about 13 VPs out of the last qualifying spot.

Tomorrow is a key day. We play CHINESE TAIPEI(17) , the apparently underrated JAPANteam (5), and extremely tough THE NETHERLANDS(6).

In my mind the tournament is shaping up as follows: ITALY, POLAND, and MONACOwill qualify. They are three of the best teams on paper, have the top 3 slots so far and seems to be playing well. GERMANY, in 5th place also seems in reasonably good shape, as they are 24 VPs ahead of 9th place. JAPAN,surprisingly, is in 4th place, 2 ahead of GERMANY, but I think they may fade (hopefully starting against us tomorrow). Also, THE NETHERLANDS, in 6th place after a bad day today, is a strong team that I believe will end up qualifying. That basically leaves three spots among USA-1(8), CHINA(7), JAPAN, BRAZIL(10), ARGENTINA(9), ENGLAND(13), us, and some dark horses.

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