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USBC QF Board 119

An interesting tactical deal, revolving around this hand:  AKQJ9xxxx x Ax x after a 1 opening in 1st seat on your right with all vulnerable.

Jerry Clerkin chose to bid 3, asking partner to bid 3NT with a heart stopper.  After 3rd hand bid 4, Dennis obediently bid 4NT, doubled by the opening bidder.  Jerry failed to find the DD pass here; and played 5X-1.  Of course, South would probably have pulled to 5 rather than risk disaster, since he had both minor suit kings and QJ98.

At the other table in this match, Mike Passell overcalled 4; it went X on his left, 5 on his right, and he bid 5, doubled again on his left and passed out.

In the Kranyak-Warner match, Glenn Eisenstein overcalled 4, and after a long auction took the push to 6 over 6 and got doubled.  At the other table here, David Grainger doubled, and after a 2NT inv+ raise on his left and 3 on his right bid 3, then later 4 over 4 and 5 over RHO's 5 cue bid.  The opponents took the push to 6, and he let them play.

In the Robinson-Mahaffey match, both Bart Bramley and Pepsi doubled.  Pepsi heard partner chirp 3 after the 2NT inv+ raise on his left, and eventually took the push to 6 over 6.  Bramley heard 2NT on his left and an intrepid 4 from Kit Woolsey; he eventually bought the hand in 5X.

In the Hill-Donn match, Huub Bertens doubled, bid 4 over LHO's 4 (in a Precision context), competed to 5, and sold to 6.  Justin Lall bid 4 directly, and competed to 5 when RHO balanced with 5 and 6 when LHO freely bid 6.

I just thought this was an interesting exercise in tactics.  For the record, all declarers took 10 tricks, although NS had 11 tricks available.

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