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USBC Round of 8, Day 1

In FLEISHER vs. FIREMAN, FLEISHER won the first segment 30-15, but FIREMAN whittled away the lead throughout the day. The match was very close but FLEISHER had a spurt at the end of the day.

When NICKELL faced MAHAFFEYNICKELL won the first seg 39-31, MAHAFFEY took the lead back in the second, but NICKELL put up big third and fourth sets to lead by 63 at the halfway point.

After having staged an upset in the Round of 16, JUSTER put on a commanding performance against ROSENTHAL. The match was very close after the first segment, but JUSTER blew the favorites out 75-1 in the second set, then followed up with a 29-9 third segment. ROSENTHAL got 19 IMPs back in the foruth stanza, but JUSTER holds a significant halftime lead, 145-72.

The fourth match, LALL vs. MORRIS, NPC is also very close at halftime. MORRIS won the first segment by 23. The second and third sets were very close, and LALL took the fourth segment 33-10, cutting their deficit to just 3 IMPs.

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