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USBC Semifinal Matchups

Coming into the second day of the USBC Quarterfinals, NICKELL held a large lead over MAHAFFEY, and JUSTER led ROSENTHAL by a sizeable margin. Both of those teams held on to win handily.

The other two matches were much closer. FLEISHER vs. FIREMAN was extremely close for the first seven segments and for much of the eighth. A 28-0 run by FIREMAN in the middle of the eighth segment sent that team into the lead, and FIREMAN held on to win.

MORRIS, NPC led LALL by 3 IMPs at halftime. LALL had the better of the early sets in the second day and led by 23 IMPs going into the final stanza. MORRIS, NPC put up a good fight, but LALL prevailed by 12 IMPs.

In the semifinal matches beginning tomorrow FIREMAN faces LALL and NICKELL takes on JUSTER.

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