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USBC: two more from Hung - Diamond
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"Bridge can be a cruel game. the Hung team substantially outbid [Diamond] on two slams and has -2 imps for their efforts" - so says Vugraph commentator pef on the slam swings in Segment 7 of Hung - Diamond. Here's the first:

The other table sniffed the slam but that's all: 1NT-2-2-4NT-P. (A victory for us dinosaurs who eschew the modern 1NT shapes).

13 tricks were taken at each table.

n.b. BBO cropped out the opening 1 bid by South.

Let's see: hearts makes on any 3-2, and any 4-1 or 5-0 where East holds the length. That sounds like 84% to me. 25 IMPs (the 14 lost and the 11 that would have been gained) does seem like a cruel price to pay for a well-bid slam.

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