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USBF Board of Directors - Candidates Wanted
The USBF is seeking nominees for its Board of Directors. There are two (2) seats open for a three-year term commencingJanuary 1, 2018.
Per the USBF Bylaws ( a prospective nominee must be an Active Member of the USBF.
An "Active Member" is one who has paid dues to the USBF. There are a few other conditions in the Bylaws.
Applications to the Nominating Committee may be made by emailingmitch@clumeckstern.comand putting "USBF" and ONLY "USBF" in the heading. Questions may be sent to the same address with the same heading.
The deadline for application isNovember 1, 2017. No exceptions will be made. However, any Active Member not selected may be placed on the ballot via petition. See the Bylaws for details.
Mitch Dunitz
USBF Nominating Committee
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