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Vaguely spade-oriented system -any thoughts on where it's from?

I'm not sure from whence this setup crawled into my head - it's a toss-up between the depths of the internet or the humid swamp that my mind has been in this recent heatwave. At the very least, it's legal at the EBU's Level 4, which often seems like a higher priority than playability for me.


The basic structure was fairly standard, except 1 was basically a 5-card major 1 opening, 2 was used for unbalanced hands with 5+ diamonds without a 4-card spade suit, and 1 was used for spade canapés: a 4-card spade suit with a longer minor.


As you've probably guessed, I'm looking for any existing systems like this - preferably not Moscito style -  and thoughts on whether it'd be any good.


As for my initial thoughts... The 1 opening showing spades seems like a plus, allowing (at a guess) hearts to be shown by responder more easily. The 1 opening seems like it should be fine. The natural 2 opening seems like it could be a problem given that in this setup it's unlimited, but also as though it's probably liveable with.

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