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Vainikonis Wins Reisinger; Tulin Wins NA Swiss

VAINIKONIS (Vainikonis, Zatorski, Olanski, Gierulski,Skrzypczak,Pachtmann) won the Reisingerover GORDON (Gordon - Pratap; Rosenberg - Pepsi; Berkowitz - Sontag). Going into the final 3-board set,GORDONhad a half-boardlead which happened to match them up against second-place teamVAINIKONIS. VAINIKONISwon the first board and the lead when they doubled and defeated a 4 contract that was made at the other table. Then GORDONregained the lead by making 1NT-X. On the final board,VAINIKONIS defeated 3NT-X for down 1 while their teammates stopped in a making part-score, winning the board and the championship.

TULIN (Stan Tulin - Kevin Dwyer; MichalNowosadzki - Jacek Kalita; Alon Birman - Dror Padon) won the North American Swiss. Second was JACOBUS(Marc Jacobus, Bartosz Chmurski, Josef Blass, Marcin Lesniewski, Piotr Tuczynski, Mike Passell).

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