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Vanderbilt R16 Matches

I think we have enough operators to cover 8 tables (4 matches) in the Round of 16 tomorrow. My experiment with 3 polls yesterday was too confusing, so please just vote here for your favorite match and put additional matches in comments. Thanks.

1 vs 16: Lavazza vs Berg
2 vs 15: Nickell vs Street
3 vs 14: NRK vs Schermer
4 vs 13: Diamond vs Schwartz
5 vs 12: Zagorin vs Lall
6 vs 11: Rosenthal vs Mahaffey
7 vs 10: Strul vs Bramley
8 vs 9: Zhao vs Cayne

Sorry, to answer polls. Registered users can vote in polls, and can also browse other users' public votes! and participate in the discussion.

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