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Vanderbilt Unpopularity?

I put together a spreadsheet to look at event distribution/attendance a while back and was surprised to notice how unpopular the Vanderbilt was. This also seemed incongruous with many people related to NABC scheduling making comments assuming everyone would play the Vanderbilt.

So, recently I dug a bit deeper and it seems like KO popularity has been dropping while popularity of other NABC+ events has been pretty flat. This is particularly true of the Vanderbilt where 4 of the last 8 years have seen team signups in the 60s (as compared to signups being in the 120s in the late 90s) and there weren't even enough teams in KC to make a full 7 day event. The Spingold has also dropped off, but not as significantly.

Spreadsheet here: . (Note, divide #s listed by 2 in the 2017/2018 sheets for team events to get team counts).


After my initial hypothesis were debunked (didn't appear to be related to move to Monday/addition of plats, or addition of 10k events), I'm not really sure what would explain it.

I've heard that NABCs used to be closed, when did that change?

What other explanations make sense for the popularity plummeting?

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