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Vintage Bridge Tallies

A relative recently gave me a bunch of vintage “new / unused” Bridge Tallies. Searching the internet revealed a bunch of websites selling them.

I was wondering if any member was very knowledgeable concerning these items or could refer me to someone. I’m interested in getting some information about:

1) Rough Value

2) Best website to sell them on

3) Is there some database somewhere on the internet where I can look-up manufacturer and/or rough value?


Private message me, if you wish…I can send pictures, if requested

Thanx Much…Mark Bartusek

NOTE: I've always lobbied for a classified section to


Sanford Card Company

1 Flower_Bouquet     T-22

1 Yellow_Marigolds    T-23

1 Wandering_Stream T-26

1 Multi-Fruit_Petal      T-28


Cincinnati Art Publishing Company

1 Blue_flowers_and_Butterfly

1 Bowl_of_Blue_Flowers

2 Butterfly_on_flower

2 Cherry_branches_and_Hat

24 Cherry_branches_and_Hatchet

2 Flowers_Girl_in_pink_petals

1 Lady_in_Victorian_dress

1 Two_Bluebirds

1 Umbrella-a

7 Umbrella-b

24 US_Flag

18 US_Flag_plus_Eagle

1 Vase_with_Yellow_Flowers

1 Washington_and_Tree_Stump



3 Dark_Marigolds_at_Night

1 Pink_dress       T984


Unknown manufacturer

1 Couple_in_front_of_Roman_columns

2 Green_flowing_dress

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