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Vintage Precision Opening Bid Question
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In our forcing club system a 2 opening can have just 5 clubs if  you also hold a 4 card major.

Our opening NT range is 14-16 and 1 could be as short as 2pc in a balanced 11-13.

Given that constraint I am interested in the thought process of precision players re. opening this collection:






Our unimpeded auction

1*  1

3    4N

5N     6


3 splinter

5N  2KC and void

6 was undiscussed but I assumed it to be a trump Q ask.

Our sequence 2 2 2 promises a 4 card major. A 2 relay will reveal opener's: weakH,weakS,goodH,goodS where weak is lower range opening bid and good is higher range opening.

I can look at the hand and sense that it doesn't feel like a 2 opener, but I don't have a body of experience with this shape and our system to have a firm understanding of why. I do think that I would have opened 2 if my red suit values were reversed.

I considered that partner's most likely response to 1 would be 1 and thought that starting lower might offer more room for a constructive auction.  I WAS concerned how the auction might proceed if partner bid a constructive NF 2 over my 2 opener. Bd.4

I can't keep you forcing club players who require the 2 opener to have six pcs. from injecting your wisdom, but I'm looking for the reasoning in your choice of an opener given OUR constraints.



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