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Most people who like board games would like bridge if they only knew it. Here an idea to make bridge more popular among board game geeks:

  1. Register at  (very easy, Boardgamegeek ist "THE" web site for board game geeks)
  2. Start a collection  (klick on „MyGeek-Collection“, and you are there)
  3. Add Bridge  (click on the green „+“ or „add a game“ in the header, then type in „bridge“ and click on the right result)
  4. Rate it 10  (click on the „N/A“ in the column „your rating“ and change the value to 10)


Bridge had an Avg. Rating of 7.469 (out of 10) and the No. of Ratings was 2,524, when I posted this article. So it will take many voters to achieve something. But I am sure we can!


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