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Vote Out Some Incumbent BOD Members

Elections for District Director in Districts 2,3,4,8,14,16,21 and 22 are coming up. The deadline to file for candidacy is May 31. If you have the time and the inclination and the money, I would suggest that you file as a candidate to oppose your incumbent if you're not happy with his/her voting record, particularly on such issues as:

1) The transfer of ACBL funds to the USBF and the WBF.

2) The non-enforcement against the "stars" of laws and policies (such as Zero Tolerance) which have been adopted. And the non-sanctioning of actions such as what occurred in Shanghai. In other words, buckling to the intimidation exerted by sponsors and their players and their threat of lawsuits.

3) The continued financial support by the ACBL of sending representatives to WBF events, when some of those voting on that support are the representatives themselves who refuse to recuse themselves from voting for something which directly benefits them financially.

4) The continued practice of the ACBL Bulletin to omit printing letters which are critical of the ACBL or it's editorial choices.

5) The refusal to budget for technology that would make certain events more enjoyable for the players, e.g., electronic scoring and posting of Swiss Team matches, at least in the NABC events.

I'm sure each of us has a laundry list of our own pet peeves. Whether we agree with each other on all of them isn't likely or important. What is important is that we elect individuals who have the INTEGRITY and COURAGE to look at these issues and vote for changes when changes are warranted.

My understanding is that most, if not all, districts vote through polling all unit boards in their district. And the votes are weighted based on the membership of each unit. So, if you're on the unit board of your unit, be certain the candidate for whom you vote has the INTEGRITY and the COURAGE to vote for needed reforms when at ACBL BOD meetings - in front of other BOD members and friends who may have opposing views.We've had too many 'yes' men and women on the BOD for too long. As a result, the ACBL has stagnated and the teeth have been removed from regulations which should have been enforced long ago and on a continuing basis. Some incumbents have a reform mentality and integrity is important to them. We should retain those incumbents. So many do not. They need to be opposed and defeated.

This is the way we can make a difference.


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