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Vugraph from Spring KO this weekend

I hope this will work smoothly, but of course new things can sometimes be tricky, so just blame me, not BBO, if it doesn't!

We're planning to show 3 Spring KO matches on Vugraph this weekend, and will continue with more next week if everything works. To watch, log on to BBO and click on the "Vugraph" line, then select the match you want to watch. The score shown in the  list of matches will be the score at the start of the current segment, there isn't yet a way to have that score added to the running score for the match. In some cases, the match will be set up to show 32 boards even though the players are taking a break and changing lineup after 16, to have a running score for 32 boards, but to get the total score you'll have to add the carryover score from the Vugraph list to the running score.

Although the Vugraph screen will look exactly the same as it does when we're doing a live Vugraph, what you are seeing is the feed from the online tables, so alerts are what the players type in, there aren't any operator errors, and the score is accurate. For this weekend, we're limiting commentary to "approved" commentators to reduce the "noise." If you want to comment, send me (USBF) a message on BBO and I'll ungag you unless we already have too many people commenting. I think signing up to comment on the Vugraph schedule page will also work. Commentators need to be careful to "talk" to "kibitzers" not "table" so the players can't see the commentary.

Schedule for the weekend, time US Eastern, but you can look at the Vugraph schedule, which (I hope) has the times in your time zone - as people who know me well know, I'm probably the worst time zone person in the world & when I added some matches for this weekend I had to do it using my times (US Pacific). I think I did it right, but I'm not going to promise.

Saturday, March 28 starting at 4 pm Eastern - Round of 32 match between Friedland (Peter Friedland-Richard Pavlicek, Gloria Bart-Les Bart) & Nickell (Nick Nickell-Ralph Katz, Bob Hamman-Peter Weichsel, Bobby Levin-Steve Weinstein, Jeff Meckstroth-Eric Rodwell). This is the first half of the match. Second half on Sunday. 

Saturday, March 28 starting at 8 pm Eastern - second half of Round of 64 match between Sieg (Eric Sieg, Kim Eng, Ray Miller, Greg Herman) & Shuster (Mike Shuster-Sam Dinkin, Art Korth-Andrew Kaufman). Sieg led by 2 IMPs (84-82) at the half.

Sunday, March 29 starting at noon Eastern - second half of the Round of 64 match between Bell (Mike Bell, Tim Leslie, Michael Byrne, Kieran Dyke) & Goulding (Phil Goulding, Robert Zimmermann, David Hoffner, Bill Pettis). This one was a little closer than Sieg-Shuster, tied at 53 at the half.

Sunday, March 29 starting at 4 pm Eastern - second half of the Round of 32 match between Friedland (Peter Friedland-Richard Pavlicek, Gloria Bart-Les Bart) & Nickell (Nick Nickell-Ralph Katz, Bob Hamman-Peter Weichsel, Bobby Levin-Steve Weinstein, Jeff Meckstroth-Eric Rodwell).

Note: for those of you who prefer the old download version, I'm sorry, but this doesn't work with that - you need to be using the browser version. If you're a big fan of the download version, you can still see the matches, you just have to find them by looking for a player and joining their table instead of going through the Vugraph theatre, and you won't have the previous scores shown anywhere.

Any questions, just ask, and sorry this got so long, I kept remembering things I should tell you :-).

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