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Vugraph Operators Needed for Reisinger Finals

If you are in Denver and won'tbe playing bridge on Sunday, please consider being aVugraph operator for the Reisinger Finals. We are hoping to show all ten tables of the Finals on BBO and with simultaneous YouTube video, which means we'll need tenVugraph operators.

As aVugraph operator, you will have a front-row seat at the exciting final of the premier event of the Fall NABC, and will allow bridge players around the world to share with you in what is happening here. If you are familiar with playing on BBO, you can learn to be aVugraph operator in a very short time - I will be more than happy to train you sometime on Friday or Saturday if you haven't done it before.

Please email me if you might be available - marteljan at gmail dot com. I can't do it without you!! Thanks.

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