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Wanted: Spectacular mistakes by Swedish star Peter Fredin...!

Dear readers of

I am currently in the process of finishing a book about the Swedish bridge-magician Peter Fredin. Peter has supplied me with a number of truly amazing, funny and outrageous hands, most of them successful coups and spectacular defensive plays, but I am in short supply of spectacular mistakes - not silly ones - from Fredin's hand. 

Peter has given me a few, but as he immodestly puts it: "I don't make many mistakes, and the ones I do make, I tend to suppress...".

Should any of you by chance have a (verifiable) hand where one of the Swede's "weird" plays backfired, please mail me the hand (or a link if one exists) on or via the bw-mail system.

You will be credited for the hand in the book and receive a free copy when it is published, hopefully by the end of the year.

Kind Regards

Jeppe Juhl

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