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Was the ruling by director fair?

This is mostly educational for myself. Just want to (1) learn what is the right behavior when something like this happened (2) take the lesson and never allow this to happen again.

Thanks ahead to everyone who are willing to vote and to share his knowledge on this kind of issue.




South opened 1C. North said alert facing West (who was next to bid), without using the alert card. East did not notice this.

West overcalled 1NT shows both minors. East failed to alert since he thought it was 15-18 standard 1NT overcall.

North passed.

East bid 2H with 5=3=1=4 shape and meant it as a transfer to 2S.

South thought for awhile and then passed.

West thought for awhile, since partner did not alert his 1NT, he bid 2S! And he did not announce the "transfer".

South raised the question (it was not her turn to bid) what is 2H bid and immediately called the director.


When NS was describing the issue, East realized his mistake and took director aside and told him that he did not hear the alert on 1C and assumed partner has 15-18. But since it is against precision 1C, it should be both minors.

All players were asked to stop discussion and continue to play. However, it was obvious 2H was a mistake and 1NT was both minors to everyone now.

North Passed.

East correct 3C.

South bid 3H with a long suit. The play for the normal contract went smoothly for -1. 100 points for EW.


After the hand is over, South even commented that there will not be adjustments once they got the info and decide to make a bid. I do not know if that is correct but it was what they believe would happen.


3 rounds later, the director came over and told EW's teammates that the board is adjusted to be 2H by East, down 4, 400 points to NS. As a result of this adjustment, the result of the game was adjust by 5 VPs.

Yes, it is fair! West should not have taken advantage of the UI to bid 2S.
No, it is not fair. NS was damaged but not by that much. Please describe what is fair. For example, NS 2H making for 110.
No, it is not fair. After NS has the info and decided to bid 3H, the board continues on as normal.
Something else. Please describe.

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