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Was this ruling correct?

Playing in the IMP Pairs at the Nationals a few days ago.  RHO opens 2D in first seat, alerted.  The explanation: a six-card weak 2-bid in any of the four suits.  Well, this didn't seem to be old Mid-Chart, new Mid-Chart, or any chart for that matter, so we called the Director.  He took RHO away from the table for a consult.  When they returned, she was allowed to bid 2S, natural, and we were told to proceed as if nothing had happened.  They ended up in 4S doubled, down one, a 3 IMP gain for us, so we did not pursue the matter further as we did not feel damaged.

Did that seem like the correct ruling?  Should RHO be allowed to change her bid (and system) like that?  What if her suit was clubs?  Would she make a weak 2-club bid?  If 2 diamonds meant what they said it did, wouldn't 2 spades have another meaning?  Should there be a procedural penalty for making an illegal bid?

I spoke to two other Directors about this afterwards, to see if they agreed with the ruling.  One did, saying that it was just restoring equity.  The other one said that the auction should have proceeded with the 2-diamond opener, and if our side was damaged we would be entitled to compensation.  

How would you have ruled?

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