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WBF alerting policy on doubles without screen

Here is WBF alerting policy:

It says the following classes of calls should be alerted:

1. Conventional bids should be alerted, non-conventional bids should not.

2. Those bids which have special meanings or which are based on or lead to special understandings between the partners. (A player may not make a call or play based on a special partnership understanding unless an opposing pair may reasonably be expected to understand its meaning, or unless his side discloses the use of such call or play in accordance with the regulations of the sponsoring organization). See Law 40(b).

3. Non-forcing jump changes of suit responses to opening bids or overcalls, and nonforcing new suit responses by an unpassed hand to opening bids of one of a suit. 

And then it also says that if screens are not in use, do NOT alert the following:

1. All doubles.

2. Any no-trump bid which suggests a balanced or semi-balanced hand, or suggests a no-trump contract.

3. Any call at the four level or higher, with the exception of conventional calls on the first round of the auction.

If part II is enforced, i.e. all double are not alertable without screen, what if the opponents play some highly unusual doubles, say, double over natural 1 opening shows and a minor 55+? It is impractical to ask every double the opponents made, especially when most of them are just simple takeouts.

If part II is not enforced and can be overridden by part I, what is the scope of special partnership understanding? How do I know my opponents may or may not be expected to understand its meaning? 

What does this policy really means?

NONE of the doubles are alertable when the screens are not in use.
Only highly unusual doubles are alertable. (For example, double over natural 1 opening shows and a minor 55+.) Most conventional doubles are not.
Conventional doubles are alertable. (For example, double over strong 1NT opening shows either a minor suit or both majors.) Takeouts and penalties are not.
Other. Please comment.

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