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European Championships in Dublin in 2012.

Fisher/Schwartz topped the Butlers in the qualifying round. They played 11x20 board matches always North/South, sometimes Closed room, sometimes Open room. They were plus imps on the Butler in every match. +1.18 imps per board or 259 total imps over 220 boards.

In the Final nine rounds they played seven matches, again always North/South and were plus 42 imps or +0.30 per board over the 140 boards. Their last match was against England (includes the David Gold boards) where Israel needed a good win to qualify for the BB. Israel lost that match narrowly finishing 7th

European Championships in Croatia 2014

Fisher/Schwartz played 12x 16 board matches in the qualifying Round scoring + 0.55 imps per board over the 192 boards they played. They were North/South in eight matches and East/West in four. In the Final nine rounds they played seven matches averaging +0.78 imps per board over the 112 boards they played. In the seven matches Fisher/Schwartz played North/ South six times and East/West once.

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