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We play with tablets on Sunday

Dear All,

We will have an experimental pairs competition here in Budapest, on Sunday, 10AM, CET. The whole event will be played with tablets. We believe that this solution has many-many positive effects on our beloved game.

We developed a brand new vugraph concept also, which you can try here:

There will be no human interface, you will experience exactly what the players see (no lost cards, no mistaken results). We have many plans how to go further with this concept, but obviously your opinion means a lot for us. If you give it a try now, you will find an archived competition with 3 tables from Friday afternoon.

One of our colleagues made a tutorial video about the features of the vugraph, you can watch it here:

So please, if you are interested, connect at 10AM, CET to the link above or check later the archived session. I have to mention that however strongly we tested the system, being an experimental event, errors may occur. I would be grateful if you could please share your opinion on this topic. Every opinion is important for us, so if you do not want to go public, you can send your opinion, ideas, whatever in a private message here in the bridgewinners messaging system, or: peter.talyigas<at>


(edited: link corrected)

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