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Web Movement?

It takes a few seconds, but the following post soon cuts to the chase:


Unfortunately, time has become money, particularly at tournaments.  Shorter games, compressed timetables, hurry-up atmosphere.  Presumably, less director pay.

At clubs, simple movements only, hard-to-find competent directors despite reasonable pay.   Very little experimentation with unusual movements.



Last week I was at an out-of-town club game in Chicago --  some chat time became available at my table.

I learned of a director/owner who:

(a) Removed showing just-played board percentages; widespread grumbling for a while; after a few months, added the percentages -- more grumbling. Now no percents; a happier atmosphere.

(Smacks of initial player reaction to bidding boxes in days of yore.)

(b) Introduced web movements when appropriate. Moaning and groaning of course. After a while, stopped web movements; more moaning and groaning. Now, web movements.

I asked if web movements put an extra "burden" on directors; was advised not really, but more duped boards are required.

I don't know the ins and outs of web movements, but it sure seems like the thing to do.

Lots of links abound; here's one that appears quite informative when the movement is appropriate.

I have yet to experience a web movement. Have you? How do you feel about it?

As a director?

As a player?

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