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Web vs. Sections

I have been running Webs in my FR game which is otherwise usually 14, 15, 16 or 17 tables in a single section anyway.

Today I am subbing for a director that has 20+ tables on a regular basis. I run two sections one 10 tables, one 10.5. I am a bit annoyed that not everyone is playing all the boards and go to club proprietress to argue for web. "Run any movement you want so long as same or more number of people get any masterpoint awards (at all)."

I have been trying to parse this out with our usual mix of about 45% As, 30% Bs and 25% Cs. Without much success. I get close to an answer, but I don't trust my attention to detail that much.  Maybe someone here knows?

FWIW -- I get positive feedback from players at all levels regarding everyone playing the same boards and all of the same boards. The newcomer/intermediate crowd like to be able to see how their favorite strong pairs did, or to ask someone about a hand and not hear, "We didn't play that board." And the strong pairs like it for reasons that should be obvious here.

But will more players win masterpoint awards? Or less? Theoretically and in actual practice.

Masterpoint depth is, for all practical purposes, the same.
Web movement shrinks the total number of players receiving Masterpoints.
Web movement enlarges the total number of players receiving Masterpoints.

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