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Wednesday common game

This deal saw both players have some sort of problem in the auction.

You could argue that the final result wasnt critical (the best spot for N/S isnt that clear) but I'd be interested in people's comments on the 2/1 sequence.

Q 6

A 73

K J 5 3

A 10 5 2



A K 9 7 5 3

J 10 5 4






At the table the bidding started 1-2-2-2NT-3

After the one spade opener I suppose one might quibble with any of the next three calls. A jump to 3NT by responder at his second turn would be 15-17.

Now over 3-4-4-4 what continuations would you recommend to reach slam -- or if slam is too hard to reach (3-2 trumps even given the perfect fit) should N/S simply stop in 3NT?

Thoughts welcome.

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