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Wernher OP Final -- Royal Screw-Up

In the von Zedtwitz LM Pairs the first evening, the TDs put out the wrong boards on the wrong tables in my section, then stopped play, removed the boards, returned the boards, it was a farce. Bottom Line: no serious damage but a strange sequence of boards played.

176 pairs (88 tables) qualified for the two session Wernher Open Pairs Final today -- 4 sections of 22 tables - a web movement. It is critical using a web movement scored across the field not to screw-up the boards. Sadly, they did exactly that in Section A. More than 30 minutes into the game, everything stopped and all the results were thrown out. Section A received a new set of boards, different from what was being played in the other three sections!

Mid-way through the session an announcement was made: All 4 sections would resume play this evening at 8 PM instead of 7:30 PM. Joy (not)! We are all older and getting tired as the week progresses. This is one more irritation (worse if you are commuting or need to take the Metro). For $100 a day (the new increased but definitely not improved) entry fees, we deserve better.

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