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What did I do wrong?

This has been bugging me and I thought that maybe BW members could help me out. Last week I went to my club without a partner and I was paired with a reasonably strong player, certainly stronger than me. We were playing 4-card Majors (ACOL) and agreed to play Jacoby 2NT with an outside suit reply at the 3-level showing a singleton or a void.

Partner's hand: AJ108 A862 AK108 10

My hand: K4 KJ10975 QJ3 A8

With opponents silent throughout, my partner in second seat opens 1. I respond 2NT which isn't alerted and partner rebids 3. I decide to bid 4NT, 0314, and partner replies with 5. I bid 5 expecting partner to bid on with 3 keycards. He passes - 7 is cold.

So the bidding went: 1-2NT; 3-4NT; 5-5; pass. In his position I would have bid 6, not pass.

Partner now berates me for not bidding 6 (nobody was in 7) because I should have known that he held 3 keycards. When I told him that I expected him to bid on holding 3 keycards he says no one does that in his 20 years of experience. He also tells me that my 2NT first response wasn't Jacoby.  I'm bemused - it seems that it is all my fault.


I would appreciate any comments as to what I did wrong, in particular:

1. What could my 2NT bid have been if it wasn't Jacoby?

2. Given that my 2NT bid wasn't alerted, what should I have taken the 3 bid to mean?

3. Was I wrong to expect my partner to bid on with 3 keycards?

4. How should the bidding go after partner opens 1?


Thank you in advance for any help/advice that you can give me.

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