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What do you assume? What should they be?

The USBF junior training program recently started a new cycle which means we have a number of first-time partnerships. In a single 18 board practice match, we had the following three "double accidents" where one partner thought a double was penalty, the other thought it was takeout. Of course, the answer we strive for is that each partnership have agreements and that is a large part of what we work on. But agreements do take time to develop.

For each of the three auctions below, indicate what you assume double would mean in a first-time partnership having not discussed it and then what you believe it should mean in an established partnership with good agreements.

1. (1S)-1N-(P)-P-(2S)-DBL

2. (1C)-P-(1S!)-DBL where 1S denies a four card major

3. (1N)-2H!-(2S)-DBL where 2H is hearts plus a minor

Please select up to 6 choices.

1. Assume penalty
1. Assume takeout
1. Should be penalty
1. Should be takeout
2. Assume penalty
2. Assume takeout
2. Should be penalty
2. Should be takeout
3. Assume penalty
3. Assume takeout
3. Should be penalty
3. Should be takeout

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