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What do you make of this?

My LHO recently held :  K10x   Kxx   Jxxx   Kxx.

He passed in 2nd seat & heard it go:  1H  (dbl)   3H.

He paused, then saw fit to inquire of my partner as to the nature of 3H.

He then PASSED!  My feeling is that is inappropriate behavior.

For instance, had he held, instead: xxx   xxx   xxxx   xxx, I doubt that he would have asked any questions.

How should I proceed?  Forget about it?  Report it to the club manager?  Take it up with him directly?  Report it via a player memo?

For what it is worth, we are not entirely friendly towards one another.  The last time I brought up a table behavior of his to him,

he did not take it well / didn't care to listen.

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