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What do you play 2NT-3?

After a 2NT opening (or 2-2-2NT or 2-2-2-2-2NT playing Kokish Relays), what do you use the 3 bid to mean?

One way I have heard, as described here, is to play 2NT-3 as a relay to 3NT as a sign-off or to show a one suited minor or 5-5 in the minors. Therefore, 2NT-3NT is a relay to 4 to show 5-4 in the minors. (2NT-4 shows 4-4 in the minors and a raise to 4NT or better.)

What agreements do you have?

I don't have any agreements for 2NT-3 and play 2NT-3NT as natural
I play it as was described above
I play 2NT-3 as Minor Suit Stayman
I play 2NT-3 as a relay to 3NT to show any minor holding (whether one suited, 5-4, or 5-5), but 2NT-3NT as natural
I play something else, and will describe it in depth in the comments

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