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What do you think of the director's actions?

Matchpoints, club game. The director is kibitzing at one of the four tables in play. The auction proceeds as follows

West   North   East    South

  P        1         X        2

  3     4

North and South play a 2 raise in an uncontested auction as constructive. North alerted the 2 bid and explained it as constructive (an incorrect explanation, the 2 was not constructive because of the intervening double, South did not say anything). After bidding 4 he alerted again and said that his explanation was wrong and only applied to an uncontested auction. At this point the director volunteered the following without any of the players asking for a ruling. 

To West: the auction comes back to you and you may change your bid and the auction will proceed from that point.

The director, being a kibitzer, should not have said anything.
The director duties supercede the fact he was a kibitzer
No matter what since no request for his services was made he should have kept quiet
Something else

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