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What does this bid mean?

This hand was polled recently: KJ4 KQ762 Q63 A5.

At love all (20 VP IMP), RHO opens 3 and you choose to bid 3.  LHO bids 4 and partner 5.  RHO passes and it's over to you.

At present, almost 20% (5 out of 27) have chosen to bid 5.  I have to confess that I don't really understand this and was wondering what was in the minds of those who chose this bid.  So far as I can see, there are several possibilities as enumerated below.

Since several of those who have chosen 5 are normally sane and sensible individuals, there must obviously be a sane and sensible reason to choose 5.  But I don't know what it is.  So if some of those who have chosen this bid would care to elaborate, at least I will be able to understand the rationale, even if not agreeing with it.

EDIT: Link to original problem

Misclick! 5 was intended.
5 was a slam try with hearts agreed. 5 was last train (FWIW, I consider this a decided overstatement of the value of the hand).
5 was a transfer to diamonds. Does anyone play this?
5 was Gerber and 5 showed one or four aces (of four). To say the least, this doesn't seem very likely.
5 asked the 3 bidder to choose between spades and diamonds. So why choose diamonds?

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