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Some time ago, right after the infamous AC case from the Vanderbilt 2013, I got multilaterally and simultaneously attacked by various people who didn't seem like their intention was of the noblest nature. That's why one poster tried quickly to warn me:


"Hi Dean,

As someone who sees a lot of point in what you write, I want to give you some friendly advice.

Please take it in that spirit.

Different cultures place different emphasis on what is being said and how it is being said. I am not originally from the US, but have lived in the US for 30+ years and I find that Americans are very sensitive in this area. They expect you to be polite no matter what the provocation is, which is very different from many other cultures, Israeli, Indian, Chinese to name a few. So please try not to write anything that looks like a personal attack. What you say can fall on deaf ears because of how you say it."


I will extract the important parts, for the benefit of the reader:

  • ...emphasis on how it is being said...
  • ...very sensitive Americans...
  • ...polite no matter what...
  • ...looks like a personal attack...
  • ...fall on deaf ears...


At that time I thought this was absurd. I really don't like differentiating people by their nationalities and I don't believe in cultures because I have no culture, so essentially I just said that I don't give a damn.

But times had changed. Right now I am cruelly threatened, with my virtual life being at stake. Today I become even notified the staff is voting what should they do with me, because "I offended a lot of people". Which is hilarious, since I don't see offended people (I don't even understand why), I see only some innocuous messages of mine disappearing day after day, without even a notification.

However, before I say "goodbye" and "thank you" to all lovely persecutors of mine, I want at least to know the truth about the friendly advice I received long time ago. (Thank you David for the extra inspiration.)

Therefore, honorable insightful people, I have to ask you a question I was wholeheartedly hoping never would become relevant.

I'm asking this just because I want to know if I really had to comply perforce to expectations of a culture which isn't mine and therefore I could hardly even understand how would I do that, even if I wanted.

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