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What is Going On with Regional Bracket 1 Knockouts?

It seems that the issue of 4-team Regional Bracket 1 knockouts has still not been figured out by ACBL.

Apparently at the recently completed Greenville Regional, there were at least two of these where all 4 teams were given major masterpoint awards.

My information is from Fast Results and ACBL Live.  If anybody knows more about this or something different, please feel free to correct.

I don't really care about this occurring so much, other than that an identical situation at the Richmond Regional resulted in only 1 team receiving a vastly reduced award for first.

If nothing else, it seems like this issue COULD have major impact on the Crane masterpoint race (or whatever it is called).

I am in contact with ACBL inquiring about what is going on with this.

See my earlier posts on this topic if you have not already.

Late Edit:  It now seems that the two Greenville events started with more than 4 teams and it just was not displayed clearly in ACBL Live or Fast Results. That regional also used two different formats for qualification to the final 4, depending on which bracket and number of teams.

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