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What Is The Ethical Thing to Do?

Something like the following example has happened to me several times in the past and I know it is true for you as well.

I'm aware that we've discussed this subject before. Regardless, we have much turnover and new members on this site and another airing might be helpful.

I have never received a definite statement/ruling from a director on this kind of issueand perhaps that is meant to be part of the Protocol.

Enough background.

You have a Flannery agreement with partner.

Partner opens 2D (no stop card, which is your practice); quick as a wink (and before you can internalize yourpartner's call) outcomes the 3C card from rho.

You now alert the bid and rho asks and you explain and rho continues with the 3C call.You also cannot help but be aware of a slight tremor from partner.

You hold A9542-AJ1097-8-Q7, and obviously you know what has happened.

If you call the director, he/she will undoubtedly say do whatever you want or if you don't call the director, you oryour opponent may feel it in order to call the director after the deal.

Another option is simply to acknowledge to yourself that you are obliged (as you would if behind screens) to make a forcing bid or bid 4H.

A number us elect that final option (confident of a poor score). Those that do feel ethically required to. Are those that do IDIOTS?

It has been my observation that there are rather few idiots or, perhaps more likely, many are unaware of any possible ethical problem.

Perhaps this is simply how it is. If so, do we simply live with it. Your views, please.

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