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What is this double

Without discussion of when double are for penalty, good partner and with the general setting of 2/1, with some gadgets at a club game we had the following auction (all red, MP if it matters).

O   RHO   R   LHO

1 - 2 - 2- 3

P   - P    - X

2 is relatively wide range (no way to differentiate good and weak raise to 2).

Bonus question - does it imply anything about responder clubs?


Penalty (heart length/tricks and defensive values)
Cards (balanced, max high card strength, a couple of defensive tricks)
Take outish - max strength for 2 bid, heart shortness.
Competitive - I have 4 spades and really want to raise, may be heart shortness, but just in case you want to hit it.
Something else

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