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What "Kind" of Bridge do YOU PREFER to play?

Thinking about all of the forms of bridge, what form would you say you PREFER TO PLAY AMONG THOSE YOU HAVE PLAYED in the past two years? (Because of poll limitations please do not differentiate between face to face and website or computer bridge). Please feel free to comment why.

Social Bridge - various scoring methods and forms among friends for relaxation and social interaction
Club Bridge - Duplicate Bridge of various forms and scoring methods at a sanctioned club for master points
Teaching Bridge - Teaching/Leading/Playing bridge of various forms. Includes playing with a student for a fee.Includes supervised games and teaching games of all kinds.
Professional Bridge - Pay for fee guarantee in various forms and scoring methods regardless of level (World, National, Regional, Sectional, Club, Money/Private)
Money Bridge - Pay for winnings (not fee/income) across various forms and scoring. Includes Money per point or overall prize money. Includes any forms where money and master points are awarded.
Tournament Bridge - Play various forms and scoring for masterpoints(R) only. Not eligible for Teaching, Professional, or Money designation.
Other - Please Describe
None - I have not played in the past two years

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