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What makes bridge brilliant

The video below was created from the Bridge: A MindSport for All (BAMSA)Pro-Am event in London in February:

Why Bridge? (2 min video)

The video aims to highlight the reasons why bridge is a mind-sport worth learning and playing, so it would be great to hear your ideas of how we might get this video out to non-bridge players and potential new recruits (albeit for online bridge at the moment but in due course for F2F bridge).

You are welcome to share or use the video in anyway that might help promote bridge, but do please let us know if (and how) you use it as that is helpful to the BAMSA work.

And a reminder that it would be much appreciated if you would share your experiences of the impact of Covid-19 on bridge for our current BAMSAresearch. You can email your views to or for more info see:

Looking forward to seeing your thoughts on how the video(and other such promotional material) might reach beyond the bridge community to attract new players?

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