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What other sport or mind game competition allows bad players to become champions by hiring good players ?

I want to tread lightly because some of my best friends are bridge professionals and for part of my career playing bridge I have accepted money for playing with a "client."  I also don't want to demean our current system... it just seems odd (or unique) to me.  


Just today, someone won a tournament.  They were boasting on social media about winning an international competition.  It was a 6 person team in which that person played the least amount possible.  We've all seen this before... A good analogy might be if the Masters golf tournament were a team event.  You hire 5 of the best players you can, including Tiger Woods, etc.  and you play 9 holes with your pro and two pros as teammates... and for the last 9 holes, you sit out while 4 of your hired guns win the event for you.  In this case, it might seem obvious to the most casual of observers that being good at golf is not as valuable as having the most money to hire the best teammates.  


I think we've all seen teams that have won a major event without a sponsor, or playing 4 handed.  I think I've seen sponsors (clients, etc) go from paying... to not paying... because they are that good.  I've even heard of a pro / client relationship shift from financial to romantic...  But what I see more often... is a hired team beat an amateur team... because of money.  So is our game a true viable competition ?   Or will our Spingold this summer be won because one person had more money than another ?  

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