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What percentage of the cost of attending ACBL Nationals are Card fees?

I’ve seen a lot of discussion suggesting that ACBL tournaments are becoming prohibitively expensive for many (potential) members. Associated with this, I’ve seen a lot of complaints the suggest that the ACBL card fees represent a significant component of this expense.

I am curious whether anyone has ever attempted to calculate what fraction of the total cost of a Nationals the card fees actually represent? In theory, the ACBL should be able to track

  • Which ACBL members are attending the event and where they live
  • The (approximate) duration of their stay (or at least the first and last day that they played)
  • The set of events that a given member played in
  • Plug in some assumptions about the cost for travel, room, and board

The resulting model would obviously be far from perfect, but it should provide some useful data regarding what kind of impact changes to the card fees would have on attendees.

(Yes, I know that this only considers how much people who chose to attend the Nationals paid and doesn’t include information about potential attendees who were priced out of the game)

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