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What should director be explaining?

I know the director explanation offered below is incomplete … but how incomplete?

I opened 1 of a minor and LHO overcalled 1.  Partner now bid an insufficient 1.  The director was called.

The director first offered RHO the opportunity to accept 1.  RHO declined.  Next, director told my partner: (1) that if he made any bid other than 2, I would be barred from the remainder of the auction; and (2) that if he bid 2, the auction would proceed "normally".  Partner chose to bid 2.  Director left the table.

Now, I am pretty sure that director should be informing me something along the lines that I need to disregard all inferences from the 1 response and fully accept all inferences from the 2 call; that is, I should bid as though partner has at least five hearts and at least 10 points and not allow for partner having made an initial bid showing as few as four hearts and as few as, say, 6 points.  Accordingly, I think director’s explanation is incomplete in at least that regard.  (A side annoyance: I find that club directors nearly always fail to inform players how possession of UI should be affecting their actions.)

What if my partner had chosen to double 1, a negative double communicating similar information to his insufficient 1 call?   Does that call also bar me?  Or can the auction progress normally from the double?  Or is double not one of partner’s available options?

(On the actual hand, I held four card heart support and judged my hand somewhere on the borderline between a raise to 3 and a raise to 4.  Having UI that favored choosing 3, I chose 4.)

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