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What should the selectors do?

Three England teams have qualified for the World Championship next year (well done everybody!).

The norm is that those players who played in the European Championship will be selected for the World Championship, assuming that they are all available.  However, there has never been a guarantee.

For example, the Great Britain Open team won the 1963 European Championship with the almost unbelievable VP score of 100/102.  Yet trials were held to determine the team for the Bermuda Bowl.  And the GB Women's team qualified for the 1985 Venice Trophy by finishing second in the European Championship: one pair from the European team was omitted and replaced by a pair who had never played together (GB won the Venice Trophy that year).

So the question is simple: to what extent should selectors be bound to stick with the team that qualified?  As a subsidiary question (comments welcome), does it make a difference if the team's expenses are being paid or if they have to pay these themselves (as is the case with the Senior team)?

Except in the case of unavailability, the Selectors should select the team that qualified.
The Selectors should lean towards selecting the team that qualified but should bear in mind that they are aiming to select a team good enough to win a World Championship
The Selectors should start with a blank sheet of paper

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