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What the Vu Operator saw and said?

Thanks to BBO and others venues, the hard-working persevering VuGraph Operator has taken on some added stature in today's world of high-level online bridge coverage.  There are surely strict rules as well as common sense as to what they can say or do.  They can't yell "Yea Zia" of course, and should type and act as quietly and unobtrusively as possible, in effect: a piece of furniture ( more than a chair of course!)

In practice, we know they are somewhat more than furniture at times.  We know players will sometimes go up and ask them about a match result and status - and unlike a chair or table, they may answer, or nod, or smile.  No one seems to mind.

We all have also heard (or seen the Op type) "Joe is thinking/tanking/fumbling cards/head down on table or in hands, etc."  The loyal appreciative viewers learn much interesting tidbits of insight, but; is this a propriety issue?  What if, as in the recent Committee for the Cayne - Schwartz Spingold match, a tray passing delay suggests BIT, UI, and some related issue to deliberate? But assume it is unclear exactly which player hesitated and exactly for how long?

Can the Vu Op be called to or allowed to testify what he saw? I think in practice "no" but what do the rules actually say about that? And what about what the Vu Op typed to the thousands of Vu audience viewers: "Joe has been in the tank 2 minutes".  Can the answer (transcript) in practice and law be presented by the appealing side as evidence of who did the major BIT?  I think the answer in practice and law is no: furniture is after all furniture, but is it time for change? What do we think?  Answers and comments appreciated.



The VU OP is Silent Furniture; anything based on OP's efforts is and should STAY VERBOTEN SECRET
The VU OP should be "allowed" to testify - if asked - regarding what facts they observed (or reported).
The VU OP should not be allowed to testify but what they wrote should be allowed in as evidence ( Vu Transcript.)

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