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What to do after a marked hestitation


Common game Feb.10, board 20  I was West.

You may not agree with West's original pass or two club bid over one no trump, but assume that happened because otherwise there would be no unauthorized information problem.   Before bidding three hearts, partner thought/hesitated for between 30 seconds and a minute, clearly a break in tempo.  I understand this could submitted as a bidding problem, however, it is as much an ethical problem as a bidding problem, and there has been a lot of discussion on how to adjudicate BIT cases, but not so much on how to deal with them when it is your turn to bid.

My question is how do you proceed if you are attempting to be an ethical player?  My thoughts were:

1. Partner passed originally over one spade, and then bid a not forcing three clubs.  That doesn't show much strength.  He now bids three hearts.  Is it forcing?  If he couldn't bid over one spade, and only raised to three clubs, he can't be forcing now.

2. It is a new suit at the three level.  My meta rule, not discussed with this partner, is all strange bids are forcing.  This is a strange new suit at the three level.  It should be forcing.

3.  What does partner's slow bid indicate?  If he bid three hearts speedily, would that indicate a strong bid?  Is his hesitation because he is not strong enough to make this bid, wants to play at the three level, and doesn't want to sell out to three diamonds.  Does the hesitation indicate that you should pass?  If so should you choose a lawful alternative.

4.  My hand is pretty strong for a hand that passed originally, especially now that partner has shown support in clubs and bid hearts.  My void now seems to be working.  We should have an eight card heart fit and a fit in clubs, and four hearts scores better than five clubs.  A slam seems doubtful, so the issue is finding the best game or part score.  My six loser hand can not pass.

5. There are many lawful alternatives.  Four hearts, pass, some number of clubs, or even a cue bid of three spades are possible bids. Only no trump and diamonds seem ruled out.  

6.  Should I call the director?  Is it up to the opponents to call the director?  Do you call the director every time there is a hesitation

What would you do? Some answers are somewhat tongue in cheek they try to portray the confusion I feel after reading Unauthorized Information strings on Bridge Winners.

BTW while you are thinking through the above, another break in tempo has occurred.

It may or may not be relevant, but you have known partner for 70 years,  we learned to play bridge from the same guy about the time we met, and have played together three or four times a year in recent years, have never been a steady partnership, and certainly have never discussed this sequence.




four hearts,I would bid four hearts , I think four hearts is correct, unable to tell what UI told me.
four hearts I bid four hearts as a lawful alternative because pass was suggesed by hestitation
four hearts: I took a mental poll of my peers and four hearts won. I was going to bid four hears, hesitation suggested bidding four hearts, but iI bid it anyway.
Pass, I was going to bid four hearts, but UI suggested that, so I chose pass as a lawful alternative.
Pass, I was always going to pass, not sure what hesitation suggested.
Pass, I always pass when I don't know what to do.
pass, I was always going to pass, hesitation suggested bidding, but I passed anyway
four clubs, not sure what hesitation meant, but going back to suit partner supported.
Four clubs, hesitation suggested passing, so I am bidding four clubs as a LA
four clubs, hesitation suggested bidding four hearts, so I am bidding four clubs as a LA
Five clubs, don't think hesitation suggested this bid.
Five clubs, hesitation suggested passing, so this is an LA
Three spades, it seems like a good time for a cue bid. Let partner figure this one out. One torture bid deserves another.
I can't figure it out, there are too many alternatives, I gave up after number five.
Other, I am sure there are others. Please comment.
There was no UI, no problem

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