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What to do suspecting cheating on BBO

Recently I was involved in very long (expected friendly) match at BBO. We lost the match heavily but the way how one of the opps (person with quite strong and long international record) was playing was really very suspicious. I have several deals where his/her play was totally vs probability unless  some extra information was involved. I do not want to describe cases before being sure this is normal practice, because hundreds of kibbers were involved and the person can be readily recognized personally. Of cause money and direct benefits (contrary to recent scandals) are not involved in this case, but I would like to ask (Tomas Bessis recently stated regarding the case of SF that all the time he saw strange decisions, he was summoning TD just to fix the case), what is proper action when you suspect cheating in the internet? Say, is sending problematic deals to the president of their NBF ok? Is cheating in the internet same as cheating at any other tournament? Can a player cheating on BBO and thus wasting your time be banned?


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