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What to rebid?

Playing a 2/1 system where opener's 2M rebid shows only a 5 card suit (Schuler Shift) the auction proceeds (at MP):


1 - 2

2! - ?


What is responder's best rebid with:






I felt bidding diamonds would show a better hand and interest in a high minor contract (especially since partner didn't bid 2).  Even though my heart stop was at best marginal, I chose to rebid 2N.  Over 2N, partner rebid 3 showing a minimum with only 5 spades and club support.  I had been planning to go on to 3N, but in light of partner's 3 I was worried about hearts for 3N.  I chose to rebid 3.  I believe this shows two types of hands: one that needs heart help for 3N or an improved club hand that is going slamming and has made an advance cue bid.   My partner not recognizing that I might need heart help for 3N bid 3N holding:







If partner took my bid to ask for heart help should he bid 3S to show a good 5 card suit willing to play opposite Hx (or would 3S also be an advance cue bid)?  If he chooses not to bid 3 what should he bid?


My partner insists that I should have made an initial 2D rebid.  If my hearts had been Q10x, would 2N have been the right bid anyway?

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