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What Would You Do - What SHOULD You Do?

This post asked others what they thought was appropriate in a situation where your partner has revoked and yet your opponents do not realize it.

My question is somewhat related - but - a bit different. 

Many years ago, I was turning the dummy for someone during a team game. The pair for whom I was filling in were top experts; their opponents were not.

Declarer was in a major suit game and had lost 4 tricks. One of the defenders said, "Making 4" - and neither his partner nor declarer said anything. It was scored up as 420.

I was virtually certain that the expert declarer was aware that in reality, he had gone down one. But - I was, for all practical purposes, a kibitzer and not a player. So, I didn't know then - and actually still do not know - what I should have done.

You should let the director know right away what occurred.
You should stay silent; you are a kibitzer and thus not involved (turning the dummy doesn't have an impact).
Something else because 99.7% of the time there is always something else.

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