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What would you say if you were director?

At today's Sectional, Both sides vulnerable. My partner opened 1S.  Opponent jumped to 3H.  I bid 4S and we eventually got to 6S.  The 3H bidder excused himself to ask the director  a question.  When he returned, he bid 7H.  I doubled and partner went to 7S which was cold.  Afterwards, we asked him why he went to the director.  He answered to find out how many points would our making 6S receive.  I remarked that I guessed the Director wouldn't tell him, but he said the director did give him that answer.  If you were director, would you have given the same answer?

7H doubled would be down 3 for 800.  But his question helped us get to the grand slam, instead of a small slam.  I assume he is a relatively weak club player.

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