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What's the position, post-Boye Revelations?

Here is the August, 2015 article that really changed bridge:

If you have a cheating pair on your team, I believe you should lose whatever Masterpoints, seeding points and titles you have won together. The Schwartz team … (Richie Schwartz, Allan Graves, Espen Lindqvist and Boye Brogeland) has decided to give up the Spingold Trophy, the Reisinger Trophy and the North American Swiss [Ed: They won the 2015 Jacoby Swiss, not the NA Swiss] that we “won” in 2014 and 2015


Brogeland gave an update of his epic battle here:

Getting the federations and organizations to open their eyes has been a struggle. Over the weeks I have seen the Nordic NBOs becoming half awake, the EBL fully awakening and getting ready to fight the filth, and the ACBL slowly making progress.


Well, some bodies took action. Here we see the ACBL act against Fantoni-Nunes and Fisher-Schwartz in late 2016:



Here, Brogeland writes about what the authorities have done:

Today it’s three years (plus a day) since the Spingold quarterfinal which catapulted the cheating scandal. That’s 1095 days gone by, where the bridge authorities have tried harder but only managed to suspend two pairs world wide (FS who gave up in the end, and PS who admitted to wrongdoings). Not a very impressive feat.


But, where do we stand now? What is the position regarding the pairs Brogeland and his hard-working analysts uncovered?

I am looking for information and hope wise and informed BW members can help.


For each of these players:

Fischer, Schwartz

Fantoni, Nunes

Piekarek, Smirnov

Balicki, Żmudziński

I am wanting to know, what is the current position regarding their playing individually or as a pair, in:

- their home country

- other European country events

-  EBL events

- ACBL events



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