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When is shuffle/deal/play appropriate?

I was surprised to learn that the Vanderbilt, on day 1, which would usually have been day 2, the day going to 32 teams, did not have hand records.  I don't think it's appropriate.  Bui I acknowledge that I don't really know how much I am asking for.  The issue of security is important.  I think one way to help with security is not to have every set of teams playing the same boards.  There were 62 teams playing,  they could have had 3 sets of boards instead of 1.  Hand records would be available and that doesn't seem like a nightmare to manage to me.  I would be interested in finding out how others think, and maybe hear from some directors, if this is a reasonable expectation and how difficult it would be to do.  Thank you.

Shuffle/Deal/Play is fine for national knockout events.
Shuffle/deal/Play is only appropriate for Swiss national events.

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